JASON MacLEAN REFUSES TO DUMMY UP. The president of NSGEU (Nova Scotia Government Employees Union) wants all Nova Scotia to know all his members know about what happened inside Northwood Manor—the long-term care facility that became ground zero for covid deaths in Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia government not so much.


IT WASN’T HOCKEY BUT IT WAS A POWER PLAY. Pro basketball players went on a 24-hour strike August 26 to use their popularity and influence to support the Black Lives Matter movement and the demand for an immediate end to police attacks on, and murders of, Black people. Players in all other major pro sports leagues soon also went on strike in solidarity.


THE MYSTIQUE DIDN’T LAST LONG FOR SOPHIA HENRY. She thought being a barista in a “hip,” upscale Vancouver coffee shop would be “cool” and a lot different than working for some faceless, heartless corporation. It wasn’t. Revealing that reality online was enough to make one cafe owner quit the business.


IT'S ALMOST A LAW OF NATURE: WORKERS ARE ALWAYS EXPECTED TO "TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM."  When the economy, or a sector of it, takes a dive, unionized workers are expected to ease the business pain with wage and benefits cuts—with “concessions.” COVID-19 has given employers a fresh excuse to demand concessions. We’re all in this together, right?