CALL IT A HOMER SIMPSON MOMENT: the light bulb insight that paying more is a great way to get people to work for you. Henry Ford had that moment on January 5, 1914 when he stunned the world with his decision to double the wages he paid to all his workers. How else to “stimulate the economy”?


THE PROTESTORS KEEP COMING BACK. Day after day. For six days in a row on August 4. At the legislature in Edmonton, in Calgary and Lethbridge and many other places all across Alberta. Hundreds of them. Every day. They want the government to drop its decision to make Alberta the first province to throw caution to the winds and simply learn to live with the virus.


A TAXI RIDE TO A STRANGE MAN’S BED is not where she wanted to go, but that’s where a 19-year-old Indigenous woman wound up in Winnipeg in 2016. The risk of sexual assault at the hands of a taxi driver was real and ever-present for all Winnipeg women back then. Not now. Not since Indigenous women in the city took collective direct action to protect themselves.