IT'S ALMOST A LAW OF NATURE: WORKERS ARE ALWAYS EXPECTED TO "TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM."  When the economy, or a sector of it, takes a dive, unionized workers are expected to ease the business pain with wage and benefits cuts—with “concessions.” COVID-19 has given employers a fresh excuse to demand concessions. We’re all in this together, right?


ALL THE BULLYING, BLUSTER AND BULLSHIT DIDN’T WORK. The workers at LifeLabs operations in Toronto and Oshawa are now union members. The 100 couriers, clerks, dispatchers and mailroom workers at the LifeLabs operations recently voted to join OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union).


There was a time in Canada when we used to make things public.Things that were so important to us that we figured we couldn’t be our true selves without them, things like medical care, elementary education and old age pensions.. It’s time to do that again. It’s time to: Make it public again!