BOAT HARBOUR COULD BE JUSTIN TRUDEAU’S PERFECT STORM. The one that sinks his re-election hopes. The storm centre is in a tiny town in Nova Scotia—but the elements in it could stir the hearts and consciences of millions from coast to coast.


WOMEN ARE TAKING IT TO THE STREETS AGAIN. The third annual US women’s march is set for January 19. The 2018 march was the largest demonstration ever in the USA. Canadian women held their own marches in 2018 and will do the same again this year all across Canada from Parliament Hill to major cities, small towns and tiny villages like remote Sandy Cove in Nova Scotia.


“Firemakers” is a music video created by the Anishnaabe youth of Lac La Croix First Nation in Ontario. It is a call out song that describes the current state of reservations and the changes that the youth wish to see! The song is exploding in the digital world, come and see why!