THEY’RE YOUNG. THEY’RE WOMEN. THEY NEED TO BE PUT IN THEIR PLACE. That’s probably not the message the Stephen McNeil government in Nova Scotia had in mind when it recently refused to meet with the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS-NS). But, that’s how it came out.


TAYLOR MACLEAN’S MISTAKE WAS WORKING WHILE BLACK. He’s sure of it. So are the six other janitors who worked with him cleaning the Founders Square office complex in Halifax. All of them are of African descent. None of them were kept on when the contract to clean the building recently changed hands.


LOBLAWS LIKES TO CHEAT US. They might do it with a price-fixing scam on bread. Or they might just decide not to pay taxes on all the money them make off us. They did both for years. But the jig is up on the bread scam and it may soon be up on the tax cheating scam.