IT HAD TO BE A CONSPIRACY. Maritime blueberry growers were certain of it. Why else would a buyer from Maine not try to outbid the dominant Canadian buyer? Why would they pay no more in Canada than the 22 cents a pound offered by Oxford Frozen Food and yet be happy to pay 45 cents a pound—more than twice as much—to growers in Maine? The growers asked the Canadian Competition Bureau to investigate. The bureau did. Then nothing.


COME SEE THE “FREAKS” and scare your kids away from drugs. That’s what the operator of Scared Straight Tours said his bus tour of the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood in Vancouver could deliver. Residents in the neighbourhood were outraged. Their loud and very public refusal to be part of a “human zoo” ended the tours


FRESH AIR WAS FORBIDDEN TO DEMAR. He wasn’t in prison. But he says that’s what it felt like. Demar is a recently arrived migrant worker from Jamaica. Being cooped up for 14 days without fresh air was a condition of his quarantine when he came back to work here this spring.