IT COULD BE THE MOTHER OF ALL WAKEUP CALLS. The coronavirus is killing too many of our old people, in too many of our longterm care homes, too often. The message is clear: It’s time to do something serious about the criminally haphazard and inadequate system of longterm care in Canada. In fact, it’s long past time.


BILL DETRIGHT HAD NO DOUBT. He walked of the job. Hao Di stayed. Juilia B can’t decide. They all work construction. They are among the thousands of workers on construction sights all across Canada left on their own to decide: Will going to work increase my risk of getting the Corona virus?


CORPORATIONS LOVE A GOOD DISASTER. The corona virus pandemic already has many of them licking their chops over all the opportunities they will likely get to shovel our money into their pockets—with good reason. Think about how they cleaned up in the economic meltdown they delivered in 2008.


WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF COCA-COLA OWNED YOUR TOWN WATERWORKS? The Canadian Infrastructure Bank (CIB) thinks you would. The bank thinks the best way to repair, rebuild and expand our public infrastructure is to privatize it, to sell if off to Coca-Cola, or any other huge for-profit corporation, ready to buy in.


A BATHROOM IS NO PLACE TO TREAT A PATIENT. But kitchens, conference rooms hallways and even bathrooms are where treatment happens in more and more Ontario hospitals these days. It’s clear proof that more people need care than hospital emergency rooms can handle. The Ford government keeps promising to fix it. But doesn’t.