IT’S EASY TO LOCATE GROUND ZERO FOR COVID-19 IN NOVA SCOTIA. It’s right there, bottled up in a single building on a busy street in downtown Halifax; right there at 2615 Northwood Terrace, proud of itself, with it’s name written in jaunty lettering on a cheery red and white portico over the front entrance; right there in Northwood Manor, a home to 585 old people. It’s a killing ground.


COVID-19 SEEMS TO HAVE A GOLD LINING IN NOVA SCOTIA. TV ads promoting the glories of gold mining pop up on TV in Nova Scotia now with as much regularity as McDonald’s ads used to. The ads feature a bevy of smiling workers touting the benefits of working at the Tuoquoy gold mine in Moose River about 95 kilometres northeast of Halifax on the Eastern Shore.