TRADE DEALS ARE A LOT LIKE ICEBERGS. It’s the part you don’t see that can really hurt you. Nadia Ibrahim explains exactly how in Dicey Deals: Trade deals and social services, the latest publication from CLI (Canadian Labour Institute) and the PSFC (Public Services Foundation of Canada).


“The banks are made of marble
With a guard at every door
And the vaults are stuffed with silver
That the worker sweated for”

At present, of course, the banks are now more often made of glass and steel. Their vaults are largely virtual, just numbers on a screen. But the workers—and the unemployed—are still sweating. And the banks are still raking it in. Oh, are they ever.


ONE HUNDRED CEOs WANT DOUG FORD TO THINK AGAIN. They want the Ontario premier to change his mind about junking the province’s Universal Basic Income pilot project. They believe scrapping the pilot loses a real chance to gain insight into constructive ways to deal with real job destruction and income loss.