THE DONALD TRUMP TRAVELLING S**T SHOW HAS FINALLY MADE IT TO CANADA. After leaving the G7 Summit in Quebec the U.S. President called the Canadian Prime Minister “weak and very dishonest”. Then he doubled-down the next day by telling Canadians that we would pay a high price for his perceived snub.


PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE DOUG FORD WAS ELECTED PREMIER OF ONTARIO ON JUNE 7. The good news is voter turnout jumped seven points to 58.4%. The sad news is the first-past-the-post voting system again distorted the distribution of seats. Thus the PCs will govern with a majority of seats in the provincial legislature, even though they did not get a majority of votes province-wide.



“I’M NOT A DOCTOR, BUT I PLAY ONE ON TV,” WON’T CUT IT. Yet millions of people are taking health advice from celebrities and all kinds of other people with no medical degrees. This is the latest—and most potentially dangerous—turn in our ever-expanding self-help craze.