Public forces Ford to back off; Scheer gives him the bum’s rush



WE’RE WINNING IN ONTARIO. It may seem hard to believe, but we actually are.

Premier Dud Ford is hiding out under the bedsheets until after the federal election. His government keeps having to back away from some of its worst and most damaging ideas. Take a moment to read, celebrate a little, and then get ready to get back to work. There’s so much more to do in Ontario.

Consider what’s happened since Ford’s Cons took their extended summer holiday.

Child benefits will not be cut

Dud Ford and his cabinet cronies have decided to reverse funding cuts to a child benefit program. CBC reports that while the government had planned to stop the benefit as of November 1, it has now decided to continue it as the province reviews its social assistance programs. The benefit provides up to $230 a month for low-income families not receiving other child benefits. They also have decided to cancel a proposed cut to Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario and restored the initial $28-million funding cut.

Austism funds increased

On the autism file they have been forced to backtrack not just once, but twice. Faced with a massive fightback from parents, advocates and supporters they changed their plan to give a little less to everybody and decided to restore funding. When that was not enough to quell this rebellion, they have announced they will double the support program going forward.

Municipal funding cuts cancelled

On both public health and childcare the Cons are walking back their threats to cut funding and support to municipalities. They encountered strong resistance from mayors and local councils as well as people who need these services and as a result they cancelled retroactive cuts to public health and delayed the childcare funding cuts. They may still try again in 2020 and beyond to cut these services, but now they know they have a real fight on their hands.

Strong resistance to education cuts

Still to be determined are how their proposed cuts to education and increases to class sizes will play out. CUPE is at the strike point to defend educational assistance and support workers and all the teachers unions are lined up to fight classroom and teacher cuts. They start their actions with strong public support and no one will be surprised to see Dud Ford blink on the education file.

There are many battles yet to be fought to preserve and protect all kinds of government and community services, but it looks like the people of Ontario are up for it. Stay tuned.

Stand Up. Fight Back. Don’t Give Up!

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