COVID HAS WORKERS THINKING UNION. In Calgary, for example, workers who staff seven non-profit helping agencies recently either joined a union or are organizing to join one. The tipping point for them all was employer blind indifference to the extra stress the pandemic puts the workers under


STRIKES ARE BACK. BIG TIME. More and more workers on every continent are walking off the job: 155,000 metalworkers in South Africa, thousands of GM workers in Brazil, 6000 nurses in Denmark, 700 emergency phone line operators in Spain, 2000 Uber drivers in Croatia and 100,000 workers in the USA—so many that they are calling it “Striketober.”


CALL IT A HOMER SIMPSON MOMENT: the light bulb insight that paying more is a great way to get people to work for you. Henry Ford had that moment on January 5, 1914 when he stunned the world with his decision to double the wages he paid to all his workers. How else to “stimulate the economy”?