There was a time in Canada when we used to make things public.Things that were so important to us that we figured we couldn’t be our true selves without them, things like medical care, elementary education and old age pensions.. It’s time to do that again. It’s time to: Make it public again!



PAYTON MITCHELL HAS GREAT HOPES FOR THE FUTURE. And they don’t include a return to the status quo, a return to the way life was before COVID-19 hit. What Payton wants instead is: “a COVID-19 response that puts people and the planet first.” It is what Payton, and a growing movement of activists, call a Just Recovery.


The lockdown has been hard on everybody, well almost everybody. While you have been scraping by on your meagre savings or trying to make $2000 a month add up to utilities, groceries and mortgage or rent, some others have been doing quite well, thank you very much.