HE WASN’T HIRED TO CLEAN CLOSETS. But that’s what Nicholas Marcus Thompson wound up doing. He says it happened to him because he is Black. He says it was racial discrimination pure and simple. The kind Black workers in the federal public service endure on the job every day, he says. It’s why Thompson wants to take the federal government to court.


THEY WEREN'T THINKING REVOLUTION. But that hardly matters. The possibility of revolution is a whole lot easier to believe in now because of what they did. The "little people" rose up. They used Wall Street rules to beat Wall Street. They did it with spontaneous, self-directed, collective action. Exactly as revolutionaries would.


TREATING WORKERS LIKE SHIT IS NOT UNUSUAL. Doing that when you depend on them to keep you safe is brainless. But that hasn’t stopped Dexterra. And that’s why 40 industrial janitors who work for them at the 40-billion dollar LNG Canada project in Kitimat, B.C. are set to strike.


WINNIPEG COPS STILL LIKE IT. More and more teachers, parents and students don’t. Their stories about why they don’t convinced administrators to review—and maybe even end the School Resource Officer (SRO) program—a program that puts uniformed and armed cops on patrol in school corridors