They keep our democracy strong


UNIONS MAKE DEMOCRACY WORK BETTER. They don't just leave government up to the politicians. They believe the best way to keep our democracy strong is to get us all to use it and use it and use it. That is the best way we have to make democracy live up to its promise of government of, for and by the people.

Boost voter turnout

  • Research confirms that voter turnout is 16% higher in the 10 most unionized countries in the world than turnout in countries with fewer union members
  • Research confirms that union members in Canada have roughly 10-12% higher vote turn out than non-union members.

But much more needs to be done to eliminate what some have called Canada’s “democratic deficit.”

Unions have set up numerous “get out the vote” initiatives.

Unions are determined to make “every vote count” with rock solid support for  proportional representation

Unions are one of our democracy’s most potent tools. One of the surest ways we have to keep our country “the true north, strong and free.”


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