THE VICTORY IS BITTERSWEET for Mike Yorke, president of the Carpenters Union District Council of Ontario. Every first aid kit, on every construction site in Ontario will soon include naloxone, a drug that can temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Yorke’s happy about that. He’s not happy that it is so necessary.


STAND TOGETHER AND YOU’LL WIN. That’s the age old union story. And it’s true. It happened again in early April for 20 workers in a women’s shelter in Napanee, Ontario. They won their strike. Got a decent settlement. Good for them. But nothing very important beyond that. Except for the fact that what they did together reminds us where our true strengths and all our collective hopes lie.


DOUG FORD HAS DARED to touch the third rail. He has dared to mess with health care in Ontario. It should hurt, even kill, his bid to be reelected premier in June. But it won’t. Not unless enough people know he’s done it. Many are determined to make sure all Ontario knows