IT’S A CRAP SHOOT every pay day for all 290,000 workers in the public service of Canada. Nothing is a safe bet. You might get paid, or you might not. You might get too much, or not enough. Insufficient tax deductions might leave you coping with huge pay reductions in future paycheques. The accuracy of T4 slips is anybody’s guess, It’s a crap shoot.


THEY BURN BARNS, DON’T THEY? It’s a hard fact the RCMP can’t deny and one Wet’suwet’en protesters can’t forget, as they process a report from the RCMP of a “violent confrontation” at the Coastal GasLink construction camp near the Morice River in the B.C. interior on February 17.


WHO NEEDS DOCTORS WHEN YOU’VE GOT BOSSES? That is the guiding principle behind a new Alberta public health order that gives employers near unquestioned authority to decide when workers infected with COVID-19 still need to come into work.