Your Day in Court

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Workers have rights.
Even without a union.


BOSSES ARE FULL OF SHIT. They love to tell us what we have to do for them. And what they can’t possibly do for us. They get it wrong a whole lot of the time. But, most of us don’t know enough to call them on it. Most of us don’t know enough to use the law to protect ourselves.

We often have the law on our side

The truth is most of us don’t even know there are Labour Standards Laws that set out what employers  can and can’t do when it comes to basic things like overtime, safe working conditions, paid holidays,  vacation pay—and a lot more.

Some employers do know, but few give a shit. They’re going to try and get away with whatever they can, whenever they can. So, the lesson is once more: the only ones we can depend on to look out for us is us. Knowing the law is a good place to start.


  1. What is the minimum wage?
  2. What are the paid holidays?
  3. How does an employee qualify to be compensated for a paid holiday?
  4. How much vacation does an employee earn?
  5. If an employee leaves a position, does he/she still receive vacation pay?
  6. How much notice must an employee give to leave a position?
  7. How much notice must an employer give to terminate employment?
  8. If an employee leaves a position voluntarily or involuntarily, should that employee receive severance pay?
  9. Is an employee entitled to sick days?
  10. When is an employee eligible for overtime?
  11. When must the employer provide a final cheque and record of employment?
  12. Are all employers required to provide compassionate care leave.
  13. What deductions are employers allowed to take from my earnings?


Labour standards laws are different in every province and territory, as well as for federally regulated employers. This list gives you a place to start checking out what applies to you.

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