Here’s what’s wrong with the Ford Conservatives




Doug Ford promised a government for the people. But it’s becoming pretty clear that it only means a few select people, mostly his friends. Two of them, Chris Froggatt and Kory Teneycke, helped him get elected. Now they’re helping themselves.

The pair started separate lobbying firms just after last year’s provincial election brought Doug Ford to power. Together they have dozens of clients including cannabis companies and some who have a financial interest in the further privatization of alcohol and beer sales in the province.

But they kept their jobs as unpaid advisers to the Ford government. In fact, before he was recently deposed, they were part of a triumvirate of political gurus with Dean French, Ford’s first Chief of Staff.

According to insiders they made all the decisions and recommendations, even about who should be in and out of cabinet. So, they were part of all major political decisions while they were lobbying those same people on behalf of the companies who were paying them thousands of dollars to help them get a leg up on their competitors.

That sounds like the perfect definition of cronyism and the sad part is that there is no law against it in Ontario.

We shouldn’t be surprised that professional lobbyists are making the most of their opportunity. But even some of the most partisan of Cons in Ontario are speaking out, albeit anonymously, about the practice to places like the Globe and Mail and Macleans magazine.
What comes as no surprise are the connections of Froggatt and Teneycke to the underbelly of politics. Froggatt was a ministerial Chief of Staff and Teneycke was Director of Communications for ex-Con PM Stephen Harper. They learned their lesson well and have now graduated into Cronies in Chief.

Their friend, Doug Ford will look after them.

Stand Up. Fight Back. Don’t Give Up.



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